Most readable story: Hellboy Day!

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Image Gets Weird - Here the rules are almost absent and creators can unleash their weirdest and most wonderful ideas, which oftentimes is exactly what they do.


We all know that comics are a well known go to for stories about people with incredible powers and Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory is no different. Here we follow the adventures of Tony Chu a detective who lives in a very different world. Here the laws of food are quite different, a major change being that chicken is outlawed.

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Sex Criminals

Another super powered title that you would probably have never concocted yourself. Sex Criminals follows a pair of people with the incredible ability to stop time, but what makes this comic so left field is that they can only access their power once they reach orgasm.

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This bizarre comic comes from Dan Watters and Caspar Winjngaard who have finely sculpted something that looks and feels modern and yet has the delightful feel of 80’s futurism.

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