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What Broke the Bat? – Part 3

For those who don’t know how most comics work, they are usually brought to life by a combination of a writer and an artist. Although some creators somehow manage to do both, many industry veterans stick to one practice and try to nail it down. This is true with the supergroup who took over Batman […]

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What Broke the Bat? – Part 1

Batman has always been a darker character than most. Even in his early days when he was more jovial, the noir detective style crimes he was out to solve were much grittier than the sun soaked, high flying tasks that were faced by Superman. Nowadays Batman is even darker than most of his competing heroes […]

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What Broke the Bat? – Part 2

In 1986 Frank Miller released the Dark Knight Returns, this futuristic depiction of Gotham showed a Bruce Wayne who had given up the cowl while the city, still far from idyllic, fought its own crime. After super criminals and mutants rise to the surface Batman has to return, and here we are presented with an […]

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