Marvel Enters the Multiverse


The appearance of Spiderman in his second solo film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ended the so-called phase 3. The third solo film of Peter Parker will introduce the multiverse into the film series. The details about the film that have been released to the public sound nothing short of spectacular. Apparently, villains from previous…Read more

Comic Characters With Inner Demons

Thanks to the fact that comic characters can share their deepest thoughts and feelings with the reader without making the whole situation feel like a tongue-in-cheek ‘90s sitcom, it’s common to come across the darkest parts of our heroes and villains. Internally brawling with themselves while outwardly thwarting foes is something that comic characters tend…Read more

Life Lessons by The Flintstones

In the art climate of today where sequels, prequels and remakes are a dime a dozen and intellectual property rights are being passed around like a parcel at a kids birthday, it isn’t shocking to see something like The Flintstones reimagined. Though you will be doing yourself a major disservice by glossing over this DC…Read more

Manga and Philosophy

In the west, comic books were long considered the domain of protracted adolescents and simplistic superheroes. Obviously, this stigma has fallen off in recent years with the advent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – but the simple fact that serious comics are still separately designated as ‘graphic novels’ tells you that the situation hasn’t entirely…Read more

Franchises That Live in Comics

Many people think of comic books as standalone issues similar to magazines, but this is of course not correct. Not only do comics generally have a storyline that stretches across several issues but lots of titles actually link with other forms of media. Using comics as a part of a transmedia approach is becoming more…Read more