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Image Gets Weird – Part 1

The titles that are released under the banner of Image comics tend to be drastically different from its competition. Here the rules are almost absent and creators can unleash their weirdest and most wonderful ideas, which oftentimes is exactly what they do. With no famed characters to uphold a reputation and no fear that younger audiences may mistake a truly adult book for one of their whole hearted, breakfast table appropriate heroes – Image take of the leash and allow all kinds of oddities to go to print. This is largely what pulls in its constant crowds and regularly helps it to achieve awards. So if you are looking for something a lot different than your average super hero comic, check out some of these oddball stories.


This book by hit writer Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples is constantly on the lists for best comic, and for good reason. Not only is it an impressive space opera, illustrated vibrantly with the heart of a family drama at its core, it is also unflinchingly adult and most of the time quite weird. First of all there are all the different alien races which include people with old TV heads, an assortment of fairy-like creatures and spiders with nude, armless female torsos. On top of this the story takes us to some very strange places such as disturbing sex planets where inhabitants are basically legs with heads on top. What’s great about Saga is that after a while all the bizarre elements its added to the universe it creates start to really gel under its own rules. For example, one of the main characters is a lying cat, a blue sphinx looking feline who can detect lies. Similarly, its use of magic grows naturally as unexplainable things become more and more present. From spaceships made from trees to phantom babysitters, lots of cross species sex and Dragons that perform auto-fellatio (Don’t ask), Saga will have you pulling some faces while you flick through its pages, but its only as weird as it is fun.


We all know that comics are a well known go to for stories about people with incredible powers and Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory is no different. Here we follow the adventures of Tony Chu a detective who lives in a very different world. Here the laws of food are quite different, a major change being that chicken is outlawed. This immediately makes for some hilarious drug bust scenes where people are smuggling fillets instead of cocaine. But this isn’t the only food related weirdness here, Tony Chu is a Cibopath which means when he eats something, he gets a physic vision of everything that happened to the food item up until this point. From this point on we see the unfortunate detective have to put lots of horrible things in his mouth in order to track down criminals. As the stakes get higher and more food orientated powers are added to the roster, Chew becomes a hilarious tale you shouldn’t miss.