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Image Gets Weird – Part 2

Sex Criminals

Another super powered title that you would probably have never concocted yourself. Sex Criminals follows a pair of people with the incredible ability to stop time, but what makes this comic so left field is that they can only access their power once they reach orgasm. Thus, a series of rude humour, masturbation jokes and visual gags ensue as our main characters decide to use their powers not for good but to rob banks.

Ice Cream Man

From W. Maxwell Prince and Chris O’Halloran, this anthology like series is very different in that well, its an anthology. Most comics have a continuing storyline or arcs that follow characters on their adventures. With Ice Cream Man, the perspective and character alters each issue and ranges from a young boy in a cul-de-sac to a down and out drug addict in a squat. This may not seem like anything worthy of the strange list quite yet, but there is one element that does seem to crossover, the titular character himself. This seemingly unassuming and smiling gentleman who appears to be styled like he is from the 1950’s seems to pop up everywhere, tying these stories and worlds together somehow. Its not long until we find out he isn’t a regular Ice Cream Man at all and has something incredibly devious and unnerving about him. The ambiguity here makes you want to read more about how and what this seller of tasty frozen treats is really up to.

Grizzly Shark

The title itself may have you wondering what this could be, but you may be surprised to find out that your first thoughts were exactly right. In this over the top series cryptofauna get very dangerous as the woods are now plagued by a vicious creature, a great white that lives on land. Get ready for rednecks hunting and families taking picnics to fall victim to the bloody jaws of the Grizzly Shark. This truly mental but all out laughable action comic comes from Ryan Ottley who is known for soaking pages in the red stuff thanks to his run on Invincible. Here he pulls no punches and has his gory creation deal out death as you would imagine a land shark would. All of this gets even more interesting when it comes face to face with its nemesis – Sea Bear.


This book has been called a romance for the modern era, but unlike the film Her, this doesn’t involve advanced technology. As the title suggests the object of affection here is indeed made of plastic, a plastic sex doll to be specific and its lover – an ex serial killer. This very creepy and tongue in cheek tale spins as the main character Edwyn’s beloved Virginia is held hostage by a group of bad men who ensure her safety only if Edwyn returns to killing. If the doll with a permanent expression of surprise as the damsel in distress here isn’t weird enough, Edwyn’s constant chattering as if they are in conversation takes it a little further. Well played Doug Wagner, this really is a love story like no other.