Image Gets Weird – Part 3


This story begins where you would expect many crime thrillers to start off. A rough, alcohol fuelled, overworked city cop has left the force, but this time he has become a hitman. Okay not the most regular New York police tale but one that you could probably see turning up on the big screen sometime soon, the difference here is what happen next. As our protagonist Nick Sax continues his streak of murders in his joyless life a hit goes horribly wrong and results in him becoming hospitalised. While in a state of semi consciousness, nick sees a vision of a tiny flying blue unicorn, which upon waking up appears once more and begins to talk to him. This gritty crime mixed with fun fantasy tale spills into a series that constantly moves from humour to disturbed violence as Nick and his little ‘friend’ Happy start to hunt down a child kidnapper in a Santa suit. This comic was so well received (and out of the ordinary) it was recently turned into a Netflix series.


This bizarre comic comes from Dan Watters and Caspar Winjngaard who have finely sculpted something that looks and feels modern and yet has the delightful feel of 80’s futurism. With a somewhat neon glow to most of it’s pages the story unravels as a detective tries to recover his memory and solve the cause of some very strange happenings. On his way he will encounter some very unusual villains that seem to somehow be linked to old school technology. VHS shamans that use the tape reels of video cassettes as living tendrils and old televisions as portals make for some of the stylised weirdness found here.


Another story from Grant Morrison (writer of Happy) who is well known in the industry for creating some of the most mind bending tales ever printed on to paper. From his work reviving the silliest forgotten characters to his well received and much loved work on Batman including the nightmarish Arkham Asylum which was developed into a video game, it makes sense that given no limits Morrison would come up with something very strange. Nameless is a sci-fi tale that quickly goes from space exploration journey to abject supernatural horror. Known for his use of runes and cryptic codes (thanks to his real life practice as a chaos magician), Morrison unlocks a path to the grimmest of outcomes related to inter-space travel. It gets really weird.

God Hates Astronauts

From true horror to laugh out loud cartoonish insanity. Ryan Browne’s God Hates Astronauts is the furthest thing away from a serious comic title there is, especially since its own title has several variations that are each more ridiculous than the last (Grenade Horse Apocalypse anyone?). From a story that starts with a superhero getting his face so messed up that his head swells up to uncanny proportions and explodes, the hilarious confusion just accelerates. Featuring characters such as time Giraffe, 3D cowboy and King Tiger Eating a Cheeseburger, this sci-fi spectacle with unnecessary onomatopoeia will brighten up your day with its rib-tickling nonsense.