Marvel Enters the Multiverse


The appearance of Spiderman in his second solo film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ended the so-called phase 3. The third solo film of Peter Parker will introduce the multiverse into the film series. The details about the film that have been released to the public sound nothing short of spectacular. Apparently, villains from previous films should appear on screen together with Spiderman, which would be unique in film history and that once again underlines the courage of Marvel producers.

The lord of Marvel, Kevin Feige, is known for his innovation and courage. The Marvel TV series, which have recently aired on screens, already indicated the new path for the studio. Marvel fans were amazed when WandaVision was turned into a 1950s sitcom, which was a surprise until the release. The creators did not reveal the background immediately either but rather took several episodes at a time to uncover the nifty storyline layer by layer. The unusual setting didn’t hurt the series, because WandaVision became a massive success on the in-house channel Disney+.

The second big Marvel series, the Falcon and the Winter Soldier was not very different. The straightforward action story moved two minor characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe into focus again and continued painting the story of Captain America. Just like WandaVision, this series also took advantage of the ‘cinema break’ to keep the fans at home happy. Both shows consistently narrated the events after Avengers: Endgame. With the appearance of Loki on TV, the producers again showed their courage.

Is Everything New?

The directors shifted a lot of known details of the Marvel universe into practical jokes. One scene in particular could be a good example of this as it sparked heated discussions among fans. Infinity stones that had a dominating role in the MCU and more than 20 films simply became paperweights in Loki. But despite the jokes, the series slowly but surely introduced fans to a multiverse. Marvel had hinted at this repeatedly before, but now the time has come to translate the promise into a cinematic reality, which gives the creators a lot of leeway to continue and expand backstories. Finally, phase 4 of the MCU will bring numerous innovations and shift the focus towards new comic stars.


A roughly one-and-a-half-year break in cinemas has forced Marvel to return to cinemas with four films this year. In addition to Black Widow, fans can look forward to the first appearance of the Eternals, Shang-Chi, and possibly the last Spiderman with Tom Holland in the lead role. If the rumours are true, we might even see a new Peter Parker. Maybe this moves into another film universe with his old opponent Venom. Then it is possible that the iconic role of Spiderman in the MCU will be taken over by another actor, who interprets the role in a completely new way. The multiverse will redefine the MCU and the fans are excited.