Some of The Most Dangerous Names in Marvel Comics

Marvel is without a doubt the most recognisable comic book publisher out there at the minute. Thanks to its huge decade spanning universe it has created on screen, more and more people know about just a handful of the characters in this giant universe. Though often seen as the lighter side of comics when compared to its rival DC, who seem to often tackle much darker subject matter, Marvel does turn up the tragedy and the body count when it feels like it. Though a glance at one of its most popular characters namely Spiderman may have you believe, not all of its villains are clumsily costumed crooks with a super weapon or two, some have catastrophic power and aren’t afraid to unleash it.


Similar to Venom, this alien symbiote has attached itself to a human host this time a mentally unstable fellow by the name of Cletus Kasady. With the power to morph his body into seemingly any shape and usually weaponry, Carnage is Venom off the rails. Though he can clearly cause trouble on a local front thanks to his powers, Carnage has a storyline where he manages to get his hands on a bomb so powerful it will destroy every universe, and he is just insane enough to give it a go.

Doctor Doom

A brilliant scientist Victor Von Doom was hit by cosmic rays in the same accident as the Fantastic Four, but unlike his crewmates who have dedicated their lives to serving the greater good, Doom has a chip on his shoulder. Now with his genius intellect he has created both an army of robots and a feared reputation as conqueror of his own land. Doom hides his mangled face and his dark intentions behind his mask and has the power to cause chaos for the planet, which he has utilized several times.


Being one of the first mutants on earth apocalypse quickly learned that he was different and that he had to fight to stay alive. With a string of abilities that include superior strength, telekinesis, the ability to alter his size to massive proportions and of course that little helper known as immortality, Apocalypse has crushed anyone who apposed him in his path to be the supreme being. In the past he has banded together teams of indestructible teammates to do his bidding and in the future according to those traveling through time, the world is in tatters as a result of his rise.


This guy eats planets. He doesn’t really need much more to prove that he means business, and his appetite is never satiated. With the Silver Surfer as his former scout for his upcoming meals (like some sort of weird galactic waiter) Galactus has chomped his way through planet after planet with no regard for its inhabitants.


Thanks to the films, more people are used to the name Thanos and his menacing purple face. This guy hatched a plan to take some of the most powerful artifacts in the known universe and collect them all, once he executed this, he clicked his fingers and 50% of all sentient life disappeared. A pretty whopping body count with such little effort makes this guy truly terrifying.