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The Incredible Hulk Is Getting A New Personality

Bruce Banner also known as the Incredible Hulk has been experiencing numerous changes in Marvel comics throughout the history. Many changes in his personality have so far shaped the image of this trendy figure in the Marvel universe. Now another one is added and it is called Devil Hulk. Marvel has now made it possible for the first time to see this nasty personality. With this, the nuclear physicist Dr. Bruce Banner made another change. Since his accident with a gamma bomb when he got a huge amount of radiation many personalities have crystallized. But none of these has been as bad as Devil Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk
The Incredible Hulk

First Impressions

According to the website, Marvel Comics has been published the first time to show the new pictures of Devil Hulk. These are from the 38th issue of the Hulk comic. The scenes show the Hulk in an iron prison. You can see his red-hot eyes and his skin that looks like a lizard. On another section, you can see a scene full of destruction; in the middle, you can see a green silhouette. The question arises as to whether these images actually exist or whether they are simply a product of Bruce Banner’s imagination. At least the text of the comic gives this impression. It says that the Hulk was imprisoned and suppressed. He does not know whether he is real. Something is reaching through the green door and wants to hurt Bruce Banner. But if something breaks Bruce Banner, it takes the Devil Hulk personally. Devil Hulk is Bruce Banner’s last resort in this scenario.

Is The Immortal Hulk Coming?

So it is quite possible that the battlefield only exists in the imagination of Bruce Banner. The green silhouette could represent another personality of the Hulk. It could either be the eponymous Devil Hulk or the mighty Immortal Hulk. On the other hand, the description is too threatening. We, therefore, cannot rule out that Marvel will bring another personality of the green giant into play. That could be Guilt Hulk, for example. Fans often mention him in the same breath as Devil Hulk. While this is the anger of Bruce Banner in itself, Guilt Hulk carries the guilt of the scientist in itself. That makes him one of Banner’s most dangerous alter egos. It will be exciting what the writers of Marvel have come up with this time. We will have certainty on October 14, 2020. Then the comic will appear in the USA.


Meanwhile, fans are excited to see how the Hulk will continue in the highly successful Marvel films. There the green Berserk finally found the perfect actor in Mark Ruffalo. His character last transformed in Avengers Endgame. Whether and in what form the Hulk will play a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future is not yet finally clear. In any case, the fans can’t get enough of him. Now you can look forward to the new comic.